Kenya 2017 – Nairobi

Upon returning to Nairobi, we spent our last night in Jungle Junction, where we also returned our car. Our flight was scheduled very early in the morning the next day,  so the driver from Jungle Junction picked us up in the middle of the night. But when we arrived at the airport, we were shocked to realize that our flight was canceled. We were flying with Turkish Airlines, and Istanbul Airport was closed for a couple of days due to severe weather conditions with snowstorms. All the flights to Istanbul from all over the world have been canceled and this caused a massive air traffic disorder.

We had no idea when and how we will be able to get back home, we were just sure this will not happen in the next couple of days. However, our air carrier took very good care of us. We were transferred to one of Nairobi’s most luxurious hotels in the city center, with full board and all hotel amenities to our disposal. After three days, they finally found us space on the flight via Paris.


We used those three days of our unexpected prolonged stay in Kenya to visit some of Nairobi’s main attractions. We have visited Nairobi National Museum and the house of Karen Blixen, the author of famous book Out of Africa. In Giraffe Center we faced those long-necked giants eye to eye. And in David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust we were able to commune with orphaned baby elephants, while they were hand-fed through giant milk bottles, and enjoyed their frolics in the mud.





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